Wading Barefoot

Rediscovering my barefoot-self

967 square feet

I sold my car in July of 2008 in order to pay bills and keep the lights on; I’ve been without transportation since. I used to love going for long walks but I haven’t been able to go much further than my own yard for the past 2 years. I have been stuck at home with my dog and Facebook for 3 years now, all 967sq.ft of it. You never really know yourself until you’ve had time alone, really alone, alone within your own mind. I’ve spent countless hours alone with my thoughts. I love solitude and aside from a few logistical difficulties, I am doing better than I think most people would.

One of those logistical issues is grocery shopping. It’s not that I have no friends or neighbors to hitch a ride to Safeway with, I have plenty of offers for a ride; they just don’t materialize. I’m frustrated with having to ask others to help me. I think that on some level they are frustrated that I ask for their help also. Usually I avoid asking and call a cab instead. It costs roughly $14 to go 1.3 miles round-trip! I know gas prices are high but that’s just highway robbery…pun intended.

One of the more memorable events to happen since selling the car happened in January of 2009 when I had to appear in court. Without a ride my husband had to push me in a borrowed wheelchair to the bus (about a mile away). It was one of those cool rainy mornings that turned into a cold and windy day. When we finally made it home, surviving both the court and the drenching gale, I had time to reflect on the events of the day. In retrospect I found that, when confined to a wheelchair, I become a bitch plain and simple. I don’t mean the kind that gets things done and is not really one at all. I mean the other kind and not the canine version either.

For example: We had trouble finding the handicap entrance to the courthouse. It’s sits on a steep hill and in order to go ‘around’ it involves lots of gravity, if you get my drift. My poor husband was pushing me up the hill and when I looked back at him I yelled, “stop leaning like that when you walk, you’re making me look fat.” Yes folks, I said that! …Bitch right? I know!

…to be continued.

© Kathleen Ryan-McCullough

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