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Auld Lang Syne ~ Times Gone By

Auld Lang Syne ~ Times Gone By

I spent New Year’s Eve alone; husband was working and the rest of my family was busy with their celebrations. Now I won’t say that this is my favorite way to celebrate this particular holiday, but I do appreciate the solitude. I spent the entirety of 2013 filling a quart Mason jar with folded scraps of paper on which I’d written things that made me happy throughout the year. It’s so easy to come to the end of the year and after surviving the holiday traffic, crowded stores and not-so-merry people everywhere that we find ourselves bemoaning the year gone by and vowing the new year will be much better. To that end, I wanted to see what, if any difference it would make in my perception of 2013.

What did I find after reading each one? Thankfully it was a year filled with kindnesses, laughter and love. I think I’ll make this a tradition. Another tradition I want to share with you is my top three.

Top 3 things I’m glad to be rid of:

  • 20+ pounds of me!

  • That old ratty blue couch

  • Sugar

Top 3 things I’m want for 2014:

  • Working clothes dryer

  • Car

  • lose the next 30 pounds

One last note while you’re here; it’s been one year since my last post and I’ve given this blog a good deal of consideration. I wrestled with the idea of abandoning it but in all honesty I am just not ready to let it go. I still have a need to share my thoughts and experiences, even if I only have the occasional reader. This was never about pleasing anyone, it was more an experiment to see if my writing would improve and if, under pressure I could still produce a worthy effort on a regular basis. Before I began this entry I checked the stats and found that there are several people checking my blog and that was enough to inspire me to continue. So, I feel as if I’ve both succeeded and failed. Sure I have a year-long gap between posts, but on the other hand, I’m still writing and thanks to you I will continue to give it my best effort.

Happy New Year, I hope that this year you are able to take time to appreciate the little things that bring you pleasure or joy and carry them in your heart to share with those you meet.


 © Kathleen Ryan-McCullough, 2014

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