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Gun Control

I want to share my feelings about gun control and the recent events that have brought this subject back to the forefront. Like you, I was horrified when I heard about the massacre at the elementary school in Connecticut. Two days prior there was a shooting in a mall here in Portland where two people were killed. On that day my grandson changed his usual plans to have lunch at the mall where he goes every Tuesday. Instead of being in the food court at the time of the shooting, he watched it unfold from the Starbucks across the street as the emergency crews descended on the Clackamas Town Center Mall. His mother was beside herself with worry thinking that he had gone to the mall as planned. She had trouble getting in touch with him when her cell phone battery died – she said her mind when completely blank and she couldn’t remember his phone number, or anyone’s for that matter, the effect of adrenalin I’m sure. She was so relieved when she found him safe.

The days leading up to Christmas were very sad indeed and at times emotionally wrenching.  Again, like you, I struggled to find a way in which I could help those who were so torn apart by these events. There are no words to console those parents, sisters and families who lost loved ones to these outrageous acts violence that seem to come out of nowhere. How can we protect ourselves from such randomness? We walk through our life and most of us don’t think that our lives can change in a blink, but of course we know they can and do.

When it comes to protecting ourselves we have dozens of choices. Everything from becoming a recluse to legally carry a concealed weapon. There was a man at the Clackamas Town Center Mall carrying a concealed handgun. He took aim at the gunman and chose not to discharge his weapon because, as he told it, there were others in his line of sight and he felt there was too great a risk. The gunman however, reportedly saw him aiming at him and ran to the place where they found him, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Did the gunman decide it was time to kill himself because he thought police were closing in? In that scenario, did the man who took aim at the gunman end up causing fewer victims? There has been no further word on the subject in the media. Ironic how these things just fade out of the spotlight and off our minds. I thought it was an interesting bit of information, but maybe b/c it favors the ‘gun’ side of the gun ‘control’ issue, it has been put aside.

I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution and I am not in favor of gun or ammo control. I am glad to hear that they are considering applying background checks to all gun sales. I don’t know how this will work with private sales and gun shows. Among other things, background checks are intended to keeps gun owners responsible for their weapons, but it won’t stop guns from being sold, traded and stolen. I guess my reasoning is that if you’ve been robbed and guns were stolen it would be more important than ever to report the theft. It’s amazing how many people are robbed of their guns and don’t report it at all. Often times owners don’t even know they are missing. How can your gun be missing and you not know it? My guns are like my children – I know where they are and in what condition they are in at any given moment.

I don’t have difficulty understanding why an individual would want an assault rifle. We live in our communities together with our neighbors and should anything happen that cause us, as a community, to defend ourselves – I’d want those patrols to be armed with assault rifles and enough ammo to keep us safe indefinitely. I know it’s quite a stretch to imagine our cities and towns in that kind of turmoil – we’re Americans, it doesn’t happen here. *[Until one morning parachutes fill the sky and people start screaming as gunshots ring out.  A strategic advance force from Russia (I’m a Baby Boomer, grew up during the Cold war can you tell?) is followed by a full-scale attack. If your community is prepared for every imagined emergency then you have the tools to protect the lives of your neighbors.]

I personally don’t own an assault rifle but I’d like an AK-47.

This last week there were a couple of guys in two separate Portland neighborhoods walking around with their assault rifles on their backs. Oregon is one of 42 states that have laws allowing loaded guns to be carried openly in public. These two guys caused quite a stir and a flurry of phone calls to 911 dispatchers. The police responded but admit there is little they can do as long as no laws was not being broken. The next day they did the same thing in another part of Portland, with the same result. I suppose they wanted to make a point, but what’s the point to scaring people. The way I see it: just because you have the legal right to do something, doesn’t mean you should. They said that they simply wanted to ‘educate’ people. I think their message was wasted in the foolishness of the act.

I’m going to be very unpopular with many readers when I say that I think it’s a good idea to have armed school police at every school in our country. These officers should be specially trained for the types of incidents that we’ve seen recently. Many of our schools already have police but they are not armed, understaffed and inadequately trained. It’s time to protect our most precious children. School shootings are unpredictable but we can’t hide our heads and pretend that this trend will stop by taking guns away from people. With this thinking the only people who have guns will be the ones getting them illegally.

During my travels across the country I found only one place that really made me feel at ease. That place was Humboldt County California. Yes, the weed capital of America! Here guns are worn openly and while we ate dinner at a busy pizza restaurant there was not one adult in the place that wasn’t carrying openly. There are fewer shootings here than the rest of the USA. Why? My theory is that when everyone is packing a gun, nobody is gonna start shooting.

I’ll end by saying this – I have a dog, locks on my doors and windows and still, without my gun, I would be defenseless. The police don’t arrive in time – that only happens in the movies. It’s up to me to defend myself and my family; without a gun I am at a huge disadvantage, maybe even a fatal one.


© Kathleen Ryan-McCullough, 2012


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  1. Very well thought out and wonderfully written. Just what I would expect from you. Kudos!!!

    Comment by Duke | January 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Duke,
      Thank you. It seems we fixed your problem receiving new posts. Good! You know, the older I get the firmer my resolve is with regard to guns and our government. I try to be sensitive to everyone’s opinion and comfort level, especially after the violence our country has witnessed in the last couple of months, but it’s not easy to tiptoe through this topic. In a nearby Oregon county, a local Sheriff was interviewed today after he sent a letter to VP Biden. During the interview he responded, “Politicians are attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims by advocating for laws that would prevent honest, law abiding Americans from possessing certain firearms and ammunition magazines,” Sheriff Tim Mueller. I’ve got to appreciate that this law enforcement officer would put himself out there to defend our rights as American citizens. His letter to VP Biden stated, “In summary, it is the position of this Sheriff that I refuse to participate, or stand idly by, while my citizens are turned into criminals due to the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians,” Mueller said.

      Comment by wadingbarefoot | January 16, 2013 | Reply

      • Kate,
        Thanks for passing on this comment by sheriff Tim Mueller.
        I am gratified that at least one LEO takes seriously his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the united States.
        I am hopeful that the current Citrus County Sheriff will adopt the same stance. Already our Sheriff’s Dept. will not enforce the Schumer amendment. They don’t announce it but they will not confiscate firearms from individuals who are under a domestic relations order. I’d like to believe that further inroads on our 2nd Amendment rights will be resisted.

        Comment by Duke | January 16, 2013

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